Angelica Maria Rodriguez

I am a proud Latina, born and raised in Colombia, who moved to the United States in 2005 in pursuit of a dream to continue building my life's purpose. I am a loving, nurturing, and compassionate woman who puts her soul into her profession. I am at my best when I make a difference in people's lives. That's the reason I decided to become a wellness specialist. I have a background in Physical Therapy and decided to become a massage therapist to integrate my wellness care.

I started my business 11 years, I used to go to do home visits. My clients came from different walks of life, from people who needed just to relax to people with different health disorders who needed more movement and relaxation to smooth pain. That was the moment when I discovered that healing clients and making them feel healthier was my true calling. In 2013, I became a mom, and in 2014, I decided to start my business from home to be close to her. I saw clients in the comfort of my residence, with a dedicated room only for that. I used to call it "my space". In the last 9 years, my business has been growing at a steady rate through client referrals. 

After pandemic, it became very clear that wellness became a number one priority for population and of course to my clientele, reason why at the end of 2021 I decided to open my own business location called Healing Hu8 and opened my doors to costumers on January 29th 2022. Opening those doors was my dream coming true. Now I serve clients looking to upgrade their wellness journey. I use a combination of therapeutic massage techniques and energy healing to help people reach their health and healing and physical goals.

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